Do I have Klinefelter Syndrome?

Do you have wide hips, gynecomastia, poor beard growth, small testicles or weak muscles? Then you may suffer from a genetic disorder called Klinefelter Syndrome.

The possible symptoms include:

  • Narrow shoulders
  • Feminine physique
  • Lower energy levels
  • Long arms and legs

The Orchidometer app

You can use the orchidometer app (available on the App Store) to find out if you have Klinefelter Syndrome.

First, enable the setting in Settings -> Genetic disorders -> Klinefelter Syndrome.

Your orchidometer will now show an indicator in the top left. If your testicles are smaller than 6 ml in volume, the app will note that Klinefelter Syndrome is possible. If your testicles are larger than 6 ml in volume, but smaller than 15 ml, you may or may not have Klinefelter Syndrome.

Having a testicular volume between 6 and 15 ml is more prevalent in mosaic Klinefelter Syndrome, where part of your cells may have XXY chromosomes and others have XY.

If your testicular volume is greater than 15 ml, you most likely don’t have Klinefelter Syndrome. If you still recognise yourself in the symptoms described above, you may suffer from low testosterone or high estrogen exposure.

Klinefelter Syndrome
If your testicles are smaller than 6 ml, the Orchidometer app will show an indication for Klinefelter Syndrome

A definitive diagnosis

The only way to get a definitive diagnosis is by contacting your doctor. A karyotype can be used to show any abnormalities in sex chromosomes. If you have Klinefelter Syndrome, your karyogram will show two X chromosomes instead of one.

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